• Q: What to do when the visualizer is not displayed or updated when selecting Start?
    A: Close the tab and attempt to start in a new tab. If that does not work, restart the browser. The visualizer may think it already exists on the tab so changes aren't being pushed.
  • Q: Why do the visualizer bars or animations look small?
    A: The visualizer is based off the volume intensity and frequencies. Adjusting the volume within the website will change the height/length respectfully of the visuals. Try leaving the site audio at max and adjusting your output volume for a more vivid experience.
  • Q: What sites will AudioVibe Visuals display properly on?
    A: Right now, AudioVibe is optimized for SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube Music, but will work on any website!
  • Q: Will more visualizers be added?
    A: AudioVibe Visuals is in constant development. We are looking to add more visualizers and features. Support this development by considering our Premium access. Also feel free to contact us with what you would like added to the extension!
  • Q: What browsers does AudioVibe Visuals currently support?
    A: AudioVibe Visuals is currently only available on the Chrome browser, but will be on other browsers in the future.
Please Contact Us if you have any remaining issues or questions!